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Business Storage

Never Worry About Your

Business Equipment, Archive, and Other Essentials Again.

De-clutter Your Office Space And Focus on Growth.

Digital transformation is quickly taking over the business world, but it’s not like you can throw away all your paper archives overnight. What about the times when you have older equipment or spare vehicles taking up space but cannot sell them off right away?

In other cases, you may be traveling for an EXPO and need somewhere other than your hotel room to store your company’s beautiful displays, promotional materials, and booth setup.

Then, better see what business storage solutions we have.

Enhanced Security Features

Our storage units are protected by fences and well-lit at night. Storing high-value items? Ask us which locations have smart gates protected by personal access codes for extra security.

Vehicle & Equipment Storage

Mount Storage specializes in off-season vehicle, RV, trailer, and boat storage. We also have larger units to hold your heavy equipment.

Weather Controlled Self Storage Units

Keep your valuable paper archives and delicate electronics safe in our weather-controlled storage units, and never worry about moisture or mold damage.

Dedicated Customer Service

We care about your success. Find a dedicated team member to help you find the most suitable business storage solution.

BusinessStorage Solution

Storage Solution

Paper Documents

Keep your old archives safe and away from weather damage so you can always look back on data from the past.

Heavy Machinery

Store your off-season or spare machinery in our protected, weather-controlled storage units until you need them again.

Office Relocation

Put everything in your office into storage while looking for a new home for your business.

Downsize Your Business, Upsize Your Future

Reduce Logistics Burden

After almost two years of navigating through the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to spend your budget on the right investment. That’s why you should store your unused business equipment, vehicle, and furniture in our safe, climate-controlled storage units.

Forget about hauling things across Texas just for an EXPO. Let Mount Storage help you reduce your company’s logistic burdens so you can invest in what matters the most.

More Space For Growth

Are you ready to have your biggest year ever? Then, don’t let the outdated clutter in your office get in your way. Put your outdated paper files somewhere safe for keepsake, so you can embrace a new era of digital transformation and fill your office with fresh, new records — without losing any vital documentation from the past.

Rent Online,Move In Today

Find Storage

Flexible Lease Agreements

Flexible short-term leases that don’t force you into unreasonable commitments. Plan your storage according to your business needs and see how we can help! Need assistance? Reach us 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday, and 9 AM to 5 PM on weekends.

Seamless Online Process

A convenient online portal that handles everything. Find a unit and rent online today, or set up auto-pay via ACH, so you’re always on time.

Convenient Locations

Our storage facilities are conveniently located near major venues and core metropolitan areas. Save on logistic costs by finding a unit near your favorite venues!

Various Unit Sizes

Store everything from archival files to booth displays with our various unit sizes. We have the perfect business storage unit for you from large to small.

Our Storage Types

Temporary self-storage and personal storage is our most in-demand service. We have all the space you need to house the things you care about, so you don't have to part with precious memories. Our storage options come in various sizes, including the most popular 5'x10', 10x10', and 10'x15' storage units. Not sure what size is the right choice for you? Give us a call and we'll help you find out!

We provide large storage units up to 25' x 50', open parking, and covered parking at several of our facilities - plenty of space for your cars, trailers, RVs, and even boats. And remember most of our storage units all have drive-up access! That means you can drive straight to the unit entrance and back your boat and trailer in.

Our storage units are located near several schools, such as Temple College, Texas Lutheran University, St Phillip's Nursing, Texas State Technical College, Austin Community College, and more. You focus on your education and let us safeguard your belongings.

Storage Types

Mount Storage is your one-stop self-storage solution in Texas. So whether you're looking to temporarily store your furniture and belongings before a major relocation, or looking for a space to hold the personal items of a loved one, or needing to keep business for an upcoming trade show, we've got you covered.

Personal Storage Boat/RV Storage College Storage